Feeling a little lost when looking at the Main Screen? We got you!

Let's see what's going on here. On the left side, you can find the following buttons:

  • Season Hunt - it shows the current Season Hunt token. Its appearance varies from season to season. This one is an Easter Egg! The counter is your current number of Season Hunt tokens / number of tokens needed to reach the next tier. Tap on that button to see your full Season Hunt progress. 
  • Top Run - that's the "crown" icon. Next to it - your personal high score! Tapping on the Top Run button will show the weekly leaderboard and the list of your Facebook friends connected with Subway Surfers.
  • News - under the "newspaper", you can find all the new messages from us, including some cool gifts from time to time.
  • Daily Login Calendar - check in daily to win awesome rewards! You can also claim missed days to catch up.


The right side, from the top:

  • Daily Rewards - claim a Mini Mystery Box once a day for free. You can also watch some ads to win extra rewards.
  • Game ad - did you know that we have released other games? Tap to find out more!
  • Current bundles & other offers - tap on these "suitcases" to check out our freshest characters, boards, and other items.


On the bottom of the screen, you will find the following:

  • Missions - this section includes your Quests, Missions, and Achievements. So many things to do!
  • Me - your Characters, Boards, Upgrades, and Collections. From here, you can manage the stuff you earned, upgrade the duration of power-ups, and gather additional bonuses for Collections.
  • Shop - Offers, Store, and Boosts. 
  • Events - all the World Tour Events you can currently participate in. Daily High Score, Season Challenge, Marathon, and many more! Scroll down to get info about upcoming Events as well. 

Feel free to explore our FAQ to find out more about all of the features mentioned above!