Did you know that you can increase your Score Multiplier in many ways?

  • Yellow stars - that's the Permanent Multiplier. Complete the Missions and it will go up to x30! In case you purchase the Multiplier Pack, the maximum will be x35. For an additional bonus, make sure to check out the Collections.
  • Cyan stars - the Crew bonus Multiplier (seasonal). But who's in the Crew? Go to the "ME" menu, "Collections" tab to find out!
  • Blue stars - the Character Bonus. It applies when you're running with a particular Surfer. To check who's currently the Bonus Character, tap on the Multiplier star at the top of the screen.

Additionally, you can get an even higher Multiplier during the run:

  • With Score Boosters - you can get them in the "Shop" menu ("Boosts" tab) and use them at the beginning of the run.

  • By picking up a x2 Multiplier bonus during the run. Increase the duration of this pick-up by upgrading it in the "Me" menu, "Upgrades" tab.