What’s in these Mystery Boxes? And how do I get the Jackpot?


Mini Mystery Box

The smallest version of our Box. You can get it for free once a day - go to the Shop -> Store -> Special Offers and tap on “Daily Gift”, or claim it straight from the main screen! It is located in the upper right corner.  

Mystery Box

The classic Mystery Box can be obtained in many ways: collected during the run, purchased in the Shop -> Store for 500 Coins, won in various challenges and events. Apart from getting regular rewards, such as currencies and other items, you can also win a Jackpot! It is a very rare, special prize - 100 000 Coins. Additionally, during Terrific Tuesdays, you can win a Mega Jackpot - 900 000 Coins. 

In case you haven’t had the luck yet - don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal, the chance is just very low (0.01%). Keep trying and the Jackpot will surprise you someday!  

Super Mystery Box

That’s the best Box in Subway Surfers! You can get it by completing Mission Sets, watching ads, participating in Word Hunt, Season Hunt, and other events. On Fridays, Super Mystery Boxes can also appear on the tracks during the run - that’s the Fabulous Friday event. 

There’s also a possibility (0.08%) of winning a Super Jackpot - 300 000 Coins! And if you’re playing on a Tuesday, you have a chance of getting a Super Mega Jackpot - 1 500 000 Coins.