You can find Offers by tapping the Shop button and going to the 'Offers' tab. Here you'll find three subsections — New Stuff, Flash Deals, and Season Specials. 


Around New Stuff, you can see just how many Event Coins you have for the current Season Hunt! Spend them to unlock the current Season’s Character, Board, Outfit, and Token Boost!

Flash Deals has some limited-time cheap offers on Characters and Boards — depending on the special, you can purchase them with Coins, Keys, or through in-app purchases.

Under Season Specials, you can make in-app purchases on Surfers and Boards you may have missed out on — these special surfers will increase your Score Multiplier during a run. For example, if you have an x30 Score Multiplier and use a special surfer with a +5 multiplier, then during a run, your Score Multiplier will be x35.