Keys are a rare currency – they can still occasionally be found during a run, but your best bet is to buy Mystery Boxes, complete Achievements, or make an in-app purchase. 

You can also get Keys by watching the Daily Video and completing tiers in Season Hunt.

Use your Keys to unlock Characters, Boards, buy a Token Box, or revive to keep a run going!


My Keys have disappeared! Can I get them back?

There can be various reasons why your Keys are missing.

It might be because you have pressed 'Next' on the Wordy Weekend event. This consumes keys to skip the character.

It also requires Keys to use the ‘Save Me’ option, and the cost doubles every time you use it. For example, the first time you use the feature, it costs 1 Key, the second time 2 Keys, the third time 4, and so on.

It could also be that you have accidentally purchased something in the game requiring Keys. If you didn’t purchase anything, someone else might have access to your device (or another device using the same Online Save account).

We cannot reverse purchases made with Keys or refund them.