It's time to welcome Quests in Subway Surfers!

Click Missions on the main screen and choose Quests. 

The rule is simple: collect as many Sneakers as possible by doing quests. 

There are two kinds of Quests:

  • Seasonal 
  • Daily 

Seasonal Quests last until the last day of the Season Hunt. You can check the timer at the top of the Quests tab.

Daily Quests, like Daily High Score, last until the end of the day. Make sure to get your Sneakers before time runs out!

If you already did all your Quests, wait for the cooldown to run out. By the way, making more than a set of Daily Quests during the day is also possible.

Get rewards from all three stages by the end of Season Hunt! 


Tampering your device's time and date might revert your Quests' progress.