Easy to play but hard to master a new game mode in Subway Surfers. Test your running skills and try to beat the record.
Let's see what our team prepared for you in Mystery Hurdles:
  • Face four difficulty levels increasing during the run. The difficulty section differs from each other by the Guard’s dog's heads on the top of the screen. Each time the difficulty rises, you get a notification.
  • Gain a score only by avoiding hurdles.
  • Hurdles include roll blocker, jump blocker, and jump or roll blocker.
  • Hurdles are obstructed from view by a barrier. Get close for the barrier to disappear.
  • Go for the speed by using Speed pads! You won’t be able to jump over it.
  • Speed pads have different values of speed and duration!
  • No coins during the race.
Some of the Mystery Hurdles parts are known from different activities:
  • To participate, choose one of the characters visible on the list. Each time you finish the race with a certain character, you must wait until the cooldown is gone.
  • The score culminates, you don’t have to reach the maximum score (to unlock all tiers) during one race.
  • Unlock 5 Tiers and collect rewards for each score milestone in each Tier.
  • Continue the race by watching an ad (and grabbing a free booster) or paying for keys.

See you in the game ;)