Unlocked all your Daily High Score tiers? Want more rewards? Or maybe you need a new city to vibe with?

Marathon is here to help you get even more day-to-day rewards! 

Much like the Daily High Score, you can get running and score high to unlock various rewards — Event Coins, Heastarts, Hoverboards, and Score Boosters — but this time in a different city!

To access Marathon, tap Events (the calendar icon on the upper left side of the screen) and click the 'Marathon' tab (between ‘Daily’ and ‘Weekly’). Here you can view the extra city, your high score, and all the rewards you’ve unlocked for that day.

Start your run by clicking the 'Let's go!' button.


After a run, you'll be brought back to the current Season’s city, but you can always start another run by going to the ‘Marathon’ tab again.

Marathon is a rare event — in other words, you might not always see the 'Marathon' tab on your device. If you see all your friends have access to Marathon, please ensure your app is updated on the latest version. After this, if you still can't see the tab feel free to contact us.