Unlocked all your Daily High Score tiers? Want more rewards?

Much like the Daily High Score and Marathon, you can get running and score even higher to unlock various rewards — Event Coins, Heastarts, Hoverboards, and Score Boosters — but this time over several runs and using a set of characters!

The reward tiers may require higher scores to unlock, but this is based on your Total Score (over all your runs during the event) rather than a single run. 

For each Tag Team event, there are five characters to choose from — you may not have unlocked someone, in which case you will have the option to purchase them, BUT you do not need all characters to participate in Tag Team. 

After you complete a run with a specific character, they will be unusable for their corresponding cooldown time — though you can always override it by using Keys.  Cooldown time varies from character to character.


To access Tag Team, tap Events (the calendar icon on the upper left side of the screen) and click the 'Tag Team' tab (between 'Daily' and 'Weekly'). Here you can view your Total Score and all the rewards you've unlocked for the weekend.

Tap 'Start,' and you will see the five available characters for the current Tag Team event. Now select one, press 'PLAY', and get running!



Tag Team is a rare event — in other words, you might not always see the 'Tag Team' tab on your device. If you see that all your friends have access to Tag Team, please ensure your app is updated on the latest version. After this, if you still can't see the tab feel free to contact us.