Season Hunt is a timed event that changes along with the current city and Season — about every three weeks. 

During a run, collect Season Tokens that appear randomly on the tracks. The more you collect, the more amazing rewards you’ll unlock! Please note that Tokens have a different appearance every Season. 


You need a specific amount of Tokens to unlock the next reward Tier. . . or you can use Keys.

The number of Tokens needed is displayed on the home screen and during a run in the upper left corner of the screen. 

Claim rewards from the Race Finished screen or the Season Hunt screen.


We have allowed our players to gather as many tokens as they want. Thanks to that, you can pile up the currency and use it once the Season Hunt tier is unlocked! 

The Season Hunt tier lock might be confusing, but there is nothing to worry about. It's okay that you cannot unlock all the rewards at once. 

We wish you could enjoy the Season Hunt for the whole season!

The tiers will become available each 24h. So we're sure you have enough time to unlock all 30 (and even more!) tiers. 


Remember to redeem your rewards before the Season Hunt ends — you can always see how much time is left underneath your Token count. Tokens and Event Coins are specific to their Season and will NOT carry over to the next Season. 

If you can’t see the new Season Hunt make sure you're on the latest update of Subway Surfers!

In case you can't see any tokens to collect during the run, please check if your first Season Hunt reward is claimed (the one with a "gift" icon).