Throughout the week, you can participate in a bunch of events. Most days have a specific bonus, so check back daily! You can view the event by tapping the 'Events' tab. 

Mystery Monday


On Mondays, while on the run, you may encounter purple power-ups, also known as Super Mysterizers (the purple question mark — pictured above).

These curious power-ups transform randomly into Hoverboards, temporary Double Coins, +10 Multipliers, or even a Double Jump. Be sure to keep an eye out as they will appear just like any other boost. . . on the tracks or over a train. 

Terrific Tuesday


Every Tuesday you can try your luck at winning the Mega Jackpot or Super Mega Jackpot from Mystery Boxes and Super Mystery Boxes, respectively. 

The Mega Jackpot is 900,000 Coins, as opposed to the Jackpot’s 100,000 Coins — while the Super Mega Jackpot is 1,500,000 Coins, as opposed to Super Jackpot’s 300,000 Coins.

Character Bonus — Wednesday & Thursday

This special two-day event allows players to get an extra Multiplier Bonus if they use the selected character on the run! This event takes place on Wednesday and Thursday and will give you an additional +3 Multiplier on your runs! Something to bear in mind is that the selected character changes every week.

Fabulous Friday

While running on Fridays, keep your eyes peeled for Super Mystery Boxes — you may just find yourself with a little extra prize on the tracks! Super Mystery Box Mania has boxes that appear randomly on the tracks, just like any other boost. 

Wordy Weekend

On Saturday and Sunday, earn Super Mystery Boxes by running with specific characters and collecting letters to complete their name — similar to Word Hunt. 

Be sure to run with the specified character or the letters won't appear! There are many crew members to go through — if you do not have one try watching an ad, skip to the next.