The current Season Hunt is over, and the new game version has been released - Where is the update?

Please don’t uninstall Subway Surfers because it may lead to losing your progress!


If your friend is already playing the new update, it may be that their device has a different App Store or Country. For example, an update may hit the Google Play Store before it hits the iOS AppStore. Getting the 'Check for Updates' message might be confusing, but the update will be available on your device pretty soon :)

If you still have yet to receive your update in a day, please check if your device is supported HERE.

You can also get a hint of when the next update will come out by looking at the current Season Hunt in the game. There is a time banner in the upper right corner. We will usually release new updates every three weeks.


Check out our Social Media channels for teasers of upcoming Characters, Boards, and Cities.

Make sure to use official stores:

Google - Subway Surfers in Google Play Store

Apple - Subway Surfers in App Store

Amazon - Subway Surfers in Amazon Gaming Store